In 2002, vision of our Managing Director Mr Ajay Prakash Lodhi commenced with a view to provide professional services to world travelers with real India experience, in culture, arts & festivals including visits to the rural part of the country within a minimum budget to corporate high-end travelers. These years have matured us through a whole range of experiences and thanks to the continued support of our esteemed corporate clients, individual travelers, institutes, we dedicate this division solely for handling for booking International/Domestic Air tickets, Meetings, Education, Incentives, packaged tours & Conferences.


  We bring with us an experienced, and team of dedicated professionals to ensure for you:

→ Best value for your money - Our services are worth the price at which you buy it.
→ Proactive service – We take care of your unspoken words.
→ Personalized service – Once given an opportunity, we ensure your comfort level.
→ Crisis management –In crisis, we are there before you, to solve it in a manner, which only years of experience can ensure.
→ Innovative Ideas – Our designer programs (holiday/conference) are to bowl you over.
→ High satisfaction level- All of the above leading to a fulfilling experience.